ZOOM WORKSHOP for friends


Now is the time to do a ZOOM public speaking workshop with your friends and co-workers.

How many times do  you and your team need to engage audiences and come across as comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic,  but you feel you are not quite hitting the mark?

We offer a 2-hour workshop for you and your friends or team mates YOU BRING THE TEAM and we will teach you how to:
  • Calm the nerves and bring joy instead of dread to your performances
  • How to avoid the dreaded filler words – umm, ah, you knows
  • How to structure a compelling presentation that will immediately engage and inspire your clients and audiences
  • How to incorporate the art of storytelling

Each participant will have several  opportunities to practice and be coached during the session.  That is where the MAGIC and transformation happen.

Contact us via this website to learn special rates.