Writers Bloc – Fear of Public Speaking


How to overcome writer’s bloc when you have a fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking and writer’s bloc go hand in hand.

Imagine you have a huge talk or presentation coming up – and it is high stakes.

How do you even begin the process?

I encourage anyone with a fear of public speaking to just begin with bullet points Anytime you get an idea, just jot it down. It doesn’t need to make sense.Be clear that most of your time should be spent on the opening and closing of your talk.

Why the Opening and Closing of a Speech?

  • You only have one chance to make a first impression
  • Audiences remember what they first hear
  • Audiences also remember the last thing they hear
  • This is your call to action, the moment you want them to buy into your presentation, to get the whole point of you being there

All great speeches get better with time. It might take a week or a month to write a great presentation.

Be prepared to revisions word-smithing. It will get better the more time you are prepared to invest.

Try brainstorming

I find brainstorming with others really effective – your friends or colleagues bring other points of view.

  • Others input helps trigger new ideas for you
  • They can clarify the direction you are going in
  • Outside eyes and ears can possibly alert you to something you have missed
  • Colleagues may add an anecdote or story that will really enrich your talk to drive your point home.

Find a story to demonstrate your point

Storytelling is the best way to sell an idea or point

  • Audiences want to know you are like them
  • You have faced the same problems or issues
  • Maybe your product of idea can solve that problem, if so, now is a great time to add it to your story

Find the humor

There is always humor or some kind of comic addition that can be found to make a speech great.

  • Bullet list any that come to mind
  • Keep reviewing this list – you will think of more
  • Review you list and choose the ones the audience will be able to relate too the most

Writing speeches and presentations is an art

  • Writing a speech is like any art form it must be practiced to be perfected
  • Schedule with yourself a certain amount time each day to work on your script
  • It doesn’t need to be a long time (at first) but once the creative juices get going you will find there will be times you will really want to keep going

There are so many tips and tricks that anyone with a fear of public speaking or writer’s bloc can learn.

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