Sergei Tilsworth 

Janine was fantastic! I am a young entrepreneur in LA working on improving my presentation skills and Janine’s help was great. She is a very personable and smart woman with tons of professional experience to draw from. We worked together to create a script that paired perfectly with a powerpoint to create a story that was captivating and exciting….

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Yvonne Choi

Yvonne Choi's testimonial for Janine Burke

I hired Janine to host a public speaking corporate training workshop for my marketing team and it was a tremendous success. Not only did Janine bring her public speaking expertise, she brought fun, engagement and was fully prepared with tools and resources. We hosted a 3 hour workshop one evening and my marketing team of 6, including a video…

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Leeor W

I asked Janine for help as a last minute effort to improve my presentation skills a week ahead of my PHD presentation thesis on curing Anthrax. We hit it off very quickly. She was kind and she talked me through my qualms of public speaking and my psychological barriers keeping me from sounding strong and confident. Janine pushed me…

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Alistair C

I have long known that Janine is an excellent public speaking coach; indeed she had already helped me enormously in that area. I hadn’t realized that Janine also does interview coaching. It had been a long time since I was last in an actual interview so I turned to Janine. It quickly became clear that this was an area…

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Kelly Greenhill

Kelly Greenhill's testimonial for Janine Burke

Janine Burke is an accomplished public speaking coach and has great depth of understanding on market and trend research. As a student I saw my entire team of classmates excel in these areas, much due to the foundation she laid down. The techniques Janine utilized stretched our minds and encouraged growth. She possesses the ability to notice potential in…

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Sarah Pendrick

Sarah Pendrick's testimonial for Janine Burke

Janine is a dynamic and articulate speech and presentation coach who is truly passionate about her work. She elicits hope, confidence and a sense of personal mastery in those with whom she works, while also facilitating a fun and energetic working environment.

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Miyo Y

Janine is an inspiring speaker and speech coach who is totally in tune with the audience and knows how to make a good speech into a great one. She coached me for my contest speech, and quickly recognized and understood the basis of my strengths and weaknesses and showed me techniques on how to make improvements. I was amazed…

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Gio Messale

Writing a script is hard – pitching it to a studio is torture – thanks Janine, you highlighted the key points and gave me huge insight on how to blow them away!

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Pamela Kelly

Pamela Kelly's testimonial for Janine Burke

When I’ve needed an expert to cover my UCLA Extension public speaking courses, I’ve called on Janine. She’s a strong classroom teacher, living proof of the skills she teaches and she inspires students. Janine is terrific!

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Jesse Fowler

Jesse Fowler's testimonial for Janine Burke

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. It’s the little things, which is why I went to a speaking coach for help. Of course I gave Janine just 4 days notice before my “event” (should have been 4 weeks), but she still nailed it. A few of the many gems (which I would have NEVER thought of): – Pre…

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