Leeor W


PHD Student

I asked Janine for help as a last minute effort to improve my presentation skills a week ahead of my PHD presentation thesis on curing Anthrax. We hit it off very quickly. She was kind and she talked me through my qualms of public speaking and my psychological barriers keeping me from sounding strong and confident. Janine pushed me to step out of my comfort zone as we filmed myself rehearsing the beginning of my presentation over and over again until we saw improvement, with Janine providing me with tips and great insights. I gave my presentation that week, and although I was not perfect, time as well as PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE will help me to become the great public speaker I want to be.
Janine followed up with me every step of the way, checked in on me, provided me with videos, and was very involved in my success. She is a very kind and sweet woman and she genuinely cares and listens to you. Thank god I found Janine before this major presentation, I highly, highly recommend her services if you want to be a great public speaker or presenter.