Dr. Steve Clarke


Phd, Harvard University

“Janine Burke taught a 3 hour public speaking workshop aimed at six physical science faculty members to help us prepare for an upcoming presentation of our research to a large group of undergraduates including talks on the chemistry of aging, the mathematics and physics behind film animation, black holes, statistics in biology, and the geology of the earth.

Janine was a great coach, working with us to critically review our talks and to provide lots of helpful advice to improve our talks.

She walked us through her public speaking tips and tricks which we all found very useful.

We were a very diverse group in both skill level and presentation styles. Janine did a terrific job in making suggestions to each of us that were individually crafted to our own styles.

From her feedback, we changed our presentations to be much more effective in the final talks to the undergraduates.


Janine is lively, intelligent, caring, and enthusiastic and gave all of us much more confidence in our public speaking skills. I would highly recommend her.


Dr. Steven Clarke
UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry