Alistair C



I have long known that Janine is an excellent public speaking coach; indeed she had already helped me enormously in that area. I hadn’t realized that Janine also does interview coaching. It had been a long time since I was last in an actual interview so I turned to Janine. It quickly became clear that this was an area that she was very fluent in – just as she is with public speaking. I expected her to teach me how to answer difficult interview questions, and she did. But what I wasn’t expecting was that she was also able to give me an understanding of what interviewers are looking for when they ask certain questions. And because of that I found that after a while I was able to come up with good answers on my own. She even gave me some tips on negotiating my next offer. But Janine’s help didn’t stop there. Although I had been working on my resume and was pleased with it before the Interview coaching, she also reviewed it and made some really good suggestions resulting in significant improvements to it. I feel I can now strongly recommend Janine for Interview Coaching as well as for coaching with public speaking.