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They have invited you to speak on a panel, congratulations!

You have something to say that others want to hear. Is FEAR setting in?

I hope not – there is a lot you can do in advance to help yourself overcome the FEAR and be FABULOUS.

Firstly know – they invited YOU because they value YOUR OPINION.

What a fabulous opportunity to share your expertise and significantly improve your public profile and that of your company or industry.

What can you do in advance?

First, and foremost – KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. What information applies to them? If it is an audience of mixed expertise – do not leave anyone out. Use as little industry jargon as possible.

A few facts and statistics included help quantify your points. Do not overdo them though; people get very bored with statistics quickly.

RESEARCH the other panelists.

Yes, research the other panelists – how are you different from them, and what do you have in common? How can YOU standout?

If you have a choice – be SECOND SPEAKER –  avoid late comers and those that have to leave early.

Listen to what the other panelist has to say and mention one or two of their points if you can:

“As Mary said, This situation has been going on for way too long, our solution is.”

Above all – Know the audience are there to LEARN FROM YOU and they want to love you. It is up to YOU – to help them.