Negative Self-talk – Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking can stir so much negative self-talk, it can be overwhelming.

What is important to note is WE ALL HAVE IT. You are not alone and there are many tips and tricks professional public speakers use to overcome it.

Firstly – Accept it – yes, accept it.

  1. Something as simple as acknowledging this could be the key to stopping a negative self-talk spiral in its tracks.
  2. Accept the situation with compassion. Remind yourself, no-one is perfect but we can and do get better every time we practice a new skill. Congratulate yourself for even wanting to tackle a speech or presentation.
  3. Do, move, act and BREATHE –  being active is crucial to breaking the cycle of negative self-talk. Moving your body, playing music, dancing, singing or taking action towards this presentation or talk can shift you and your energy in the right direction. Get oxygen and energy into your body — it will help you remember your lines.

Hire a professional to guide you. If it was easy to be a public speaker – it wouldn’t be the main fear of over 80% of the population.