Memorizing a speech to overcome the fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking

All professional public speakers and presenters know the most important parts of their speeches are the OPENING and CONCLUSIONS.

Knowing this in advance can help your overcome the fear of public speaking.

It is vital that you memorize the opening and conclusion so that you can maintain eye contact with your audience to fully engage them.

How to memorize speeches:

Learning lines is difficult for most of us – repetition works for me.

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

That is precisely how I do it – I learn my opening by repeating it over and over OUT LOUD and the exact pace I plan to present it.

(If you speak it too quickly – you will find yourself delivering it too quickly.)

Pacing or walking as you rehearse:

Moving the body provides oxygen to the brain, and really helps memory retention.

Work through your speech by learning each section.

Numbering Method to conquer the fear of public speaking and improve memory retention:

Try numbering each section and then put small reminders on flash cards.

When you draw a card – you should know exactly what that point covers – if you cannot remember it exactly, go back to working on that section.

  1. Opening – the attention grabber – introduces subject or story
  2. Main Point
  3. Next Main Point
  4. Conclusion – Recap if needed and call to action.

Remember, actors learn their lines thoroughly until they actually commit them to memory. THEN they start adding personality and vocal variety.

Learning is the WORK; the presentation is the fun.

Preparation for Speeches:

Learning your presentation is a huge part of the preparation.

We can all pick unprepared or nervous speakers miles away. The fear of public speaking is very common! We see speakers shuffling with notes and not maintaining eye contact, because their eyes are looking down reading their notes.

As professional public speakers, we can overcome nerves and fear, by doing the hard work in advance.

The preparation ensures your presentation will flow and you can be the dynamic and engaging speaker your audience deserves.

Next Steps:

To overcome the fear of public speaking, let me help you learn more tips and tricks the professionals use. Please call or click to schedule an appointment.