Janine offers two wonderful, private conference rooms in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood areas with free parking for your sessions.

These sessions are limited to two hours.

We realize time is money and many clients just cannot schedule the time to travel to a location away from their office.

Easy! We will come to you!

L.A. Traffic


However, our time is precious also. We charge a standard travel fee per office visit. This is not calculated by mileage but rather time. We all know Los Angeles can be difficult and some areas that appear close (Hullo Century City) can take longer to reach and park than those that are at a greater distance.

We do ask for clear directions, parking instructions and associated validations.

Benefit to you.

These sessions can be as long as you like: 2 hours to 6 hours to power through an urgent speech or maximize rehearsal time.
You do not have to leave your space and can use the travel time to do what you do best.