How to help yourself

What can you do to help yourself with your public speaking journey?


If there is a speaker you admire?

Watch them, learn from them, notice how they pause – how do they use humor?

“Ted Talks” has thousands of wonderful speakers you can learn from.

What do they do you like?

Public Speaking is a skill that can be learned – it is NOT MAGIC,

but a skill. I repeat, it can be learned.

Watch those that have been doing it longer than you.

Learn from those you love.

Comedians have magical timing and pausing – watch them a learn.

They may seem to be speaking “off the cuff” but that is doubtful.

They have worked hard to look THAT NATURAL.

Being a good public speaker will change how you walk and talk in the world – the world of business and your personal life.

Make sure it is a priority for you and your team – being able to communicate clearly helps everyone accomplish their goals with less confusion and better results