Each speaker is unique

YOU are unique – so is your speaking style.

Each public speaker’s style is as different as a fingerprint.

People with a fear of public speaking think they need to be like someone else to have authority or gravitas. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is only one Tony Robbins or Jerry Seinfeld.

Being a great public speaker means showing your best self to your audience:  the one that is bright, clear and articulate.

Stories that can engage and inspire our audiences – make them laugh and cry – quite often in the same speech. We need our audience to lean into us – want to hear what we have to say.

Each of us has had different life experiences therefore very different stories to tell. Audiences know when stories come from the heart and it is the quickest way to engage them and build credibility.

How is your story different, prove a point, make your presentation richer, more entertaining and build to the climax or underline your call to action? Put thought into this: A great story takes time and care to highlight the facts and add suspense and entertainment value.
Be Clear
I suggest the script you write is clear and concise – make sure you use definitive words – do not use words like
” I think, or maybe, might, probably
I know many Americans suffer from ABC.”
“I am sure you can reach you goals by using these 3 simple steps, if you apply them consistently and creatively to your routine.”

To be a fearless public speaker takes thought, preparation and practice. It is a wonderful and rewarding journey to see your audiences look forward to your next presentation or speech and to be known in your field as a great presenter.

What is holding you back?

Great presentation skills are one of the most marketable skills in the market today.

If not now, when?

Are you leaving money on the table by not being a rock star presenter?