Memorizing a speech to overcome the fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking

All professional public speakers and presenters know the most important parts of their speeches are the OPENING and CONCLUSIONS. Knowing this in advance can help your overcome the fear of public speaking. It is vital that you memorize the opening and conclusion so that you can maintain eye contact with your audience to fully engage them. How to memorize…

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For Women Only – How to be a Great Speaker/leader

“How to speak in a man’s world!” There used to be a wonderful expression: “Women have to be twice as good to be considered equal to a man.” Luckily that is not difficult. As much as I love this expression, let’s face it ladies, we ALL KNOW that just is not true. If you watched Mad Men, you saw…

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How to choose a public speaking or presentation coach

If you are looking to find a wonderful public speaking or presentation coach to overcome your fear of public speaking. Make sure your presentation coach is accessible. I feel it is important to be able to meet with your coach in person. Will they try to up-sell you to their latest DVD, VIDEO or BOOK? The most important thing…

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