Negative Self-talk – Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking can stir so much negative self-talk, it can be overwhelming. What is important to note is WE ALL HAVE IT. You are not alone and there are many tips and tricks professional public speakers use to overcome it. Firstly – Accept it – yes, accept it. Something as simple as acknowledging this could be the…

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They have invited you to speak on a panel, congratulations! You have something to say that others want to hear. Is FEAR setting in? I hope not – there is a lot you can do in advance to help yourself overcome the FEAR and be FABULOUS. Firstly know – they invited YOU because they value YOUR OPINION. What a…

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When facing the fear of public speaking, do these kinds of crazy thoughts go through your mind? “Will I look stupid?” “What if I forget?” “Do these pants make me look fat?” The list goes on and on – we all have our own negative self talk. What if there was a way YOUR BODY could help control your…

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