Body Language – Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Body Language –  Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Body Language can better or betray us. No truer words ever spoken or written.

Anyone with a Fear of Public Speaking knows they simply DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR HANDS or other body parts.

There is the famous fig leaf that men like to use – “guarding their loins”, women have a tendency to hug themselves or wring their hands – all give away signs of nervousness.

What should you do with your hands when speaking?

Easy – let them hang loosely at your side until you need them!

If you have a Fear of Public Speaking, I realize it sounds much easier than it is.

All gestures should be simple and natural.

This takes time, practice and sometimes a little coaching.

Body Language to Embrace when learning how to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking:

  • Always begin with a smile. Show your audience you are happy to be there. A smile is a smile from Singapore, Sydney to Seattle – we all like to see someone who is happy to see us.
  • Open palms – when we show our palms the audience subliminally interprets this as open and honest.
    Think of looking at someone with a closed fist – that is never a good sign!
  • Hand to heart – Often you will see speakers say something like “I love America” and when they do they touch their hearts.

This sends a subliminal message that they actually do love America. Politicians are schooled in this and if you pay attention, they all do it way too

often. Every now and again in your speech or talk it will really convince your audience of your conviction and sincerity.

“I trust and love this product.” (Hand to heart.)

Body Language to AVOID when learning how to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking:

  • Pointing at the audience – this gesture is considered very rude in many cultures.Today many of our audiences are International, we need to be careful of using the wrong gestures to unintentionally offend.

Do what airline staff do, or hotel staff – they use their whole hand to sweep in the direction they are referring too.

  • Pacing: Roaming hither and thither on the stage can be very distracting.

Move purposefully.

If you have a main point – direct it from one part of the stage, when delivering your second point or topic move to a different section of the stage.

There are so many simple tips and tricks that can help you Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking.

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