About Me

Mission Statement

To never stop growing, never stop learning, and always be searching for better ways to serve my clients to overcome the fear of public speaking and to improve their communication skills, here, there and everywhere!

Janine Burke believes there is a great speaker in all of us – she is adept at bringing out the REAL YOU – the one your friends and co-workers see. If you can engage ONE PERSON it makes sense you can entertain, inform and inspire MANY more – yes, all at the same time!  Janine takes the time to understand her clients and their needs – recognizing and unlocking current strengths and building on them is the key to a rock star transformation.

The Speaking Journey

Janine was born in Melbourne, Australia and after finishing school, did what all Aussies do–set off to see the world. After several years of living in London and Greece, she and her American fiance moved to Southern California.

The first thing she loved about America was how BIG Americans THINK and DO. It doesn’t matter what you are into–there is a website, a newsletter, blog, a Las Vegas-style convention, and then a 12 step program to get you off your latest fixation.

She did it all. Remember the workshops where you walked over hot coals? Empowering? Yes. Handy? Not so much! Or how about the one where you broke a plank with your bare hands? Easy! Again, not so handy in everyday life.

While working for the Walt Disney Corporation, Janine attended a public speaking workshop, which literally CHANGED her life. “Now,” she thought, “that is a skill worth knowing and that will change lives–starting with mine.”

Years of Toastmasters training, body language workshops, facilitation skills study, public speaking seminars, writing and storytelling workshops, and a lot of improvisation classes later, she was READY.
During the next several years, many speaking, training and teaching opportunities presented themselves. Whether there was big money, some money or no money– she was there. She had the chance to work all types. Thee young, the old, the interested and the disinterested.

Here is a short list of endeavors and adventures that have led Janine to where she is today:
Two years at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, teaching a group of highly talented young women who needed to learn to work with corporate clients on color and trends and present their ideas with charm and grace.
Taught “Working Through the Fear of Public Speaking” and “Public Speaking for Professionals” at UCLA Extension.

At L.A. Youth at Work, she taught interviewing skills to Inner City High School students. During that time, she was asked to train the trainers.
Destination lectures for Princess Cruises, which took her on many adventures to Mexico.
Fred Pryor Company sent her all over the U.S.A and even to Alaska twice. A huge gift that taught her that traveling jobs were not for her. Airports are painful, there in no charm in cheap hotels, and driving in the snow is not for everyone.
Today, Janine teaches corporate workshops and trains student privately. She is a member of StoryMasters, an advanced Toastmasters club that feeds her soul as she continues to hone her skills.

ENOUGH ABOUT JANINE. What about YOU? Is this the year you will free yourself from the fear of public speaking and give yourself the gift of effectively expressing your ideas to the world? If not now, when?