How to choose a public speaking coach

Firstly, you might have a friend that can recommend one – if so – ask what they liked and did not like.
Is the coach accessible? Does this person promise you the world but deliver very little? Will they try to up-sell you to their latest DVD, VIDEO or BOOK?
The most important thing for me is to find someone I LIKE. Chat with them on the phone – yes, texting is good but the telephone is better because you will learn a lot from their voice, interest level in you and their ability or experience to relate to your situation.
No-one is right for everyone. You might need an expert in accent reduction – that is a totally different skill, most coaches have a roster of colleagues they can happily refer prospective clients too.

Most importantly, how hard are YOU willing to work to realize your goals?


It has never been easier to check online reviews – google plus, YELP but do remember there are many reviews that are hidden – try to read those also. Check the website of a coach you maybe interested in – it should tell you a lot about them.

BEWARE of someone that promises you HUGE BACK OF THE ROOM SALES or a wonderful passive income. Unless you have written a book that is already a best seller, OR you have a vision or point of view that is invited to speak at TEDTALKS – (THE BIG TED TALKS) yes, I said INVITED TO SPEAK – then the odds are not good. I have had many friends and acquaintances that have paid BIG MONEY and even though, many have loved the journey – they are disappointed and frustrated because of the cost of self-publishing and the hefty price of seminars/workshops/webinars. I ask you to just be realistic in your expectations.